Disclaimer on the existence of a fake website (Revised version 1)


We write to inform the general public that the website https://unijisedu.com/index.php/ijis is fake and does not belong to us. A syndicate group created the website to make money from unsuspecting members of the international community. After our first disclaimer announcement, they changed their mode of operation. First, they copied our announcement and pasted it on their website and tried to pose as the real website. Again, in volume 6 No. 1, instead of copying our published articles as they had done in the past, they published some articles (in closed format, unlike ours that are open-access) but we are sure that the individuals listed in the articles are fake or do not know their names are being used because we tried to search them (the name of those listed as authors) but little or no information was found. Here are recent updates to help readers:

  1. All the articles that we published in Vol 6 No. 1 have already been indexed in Scopus, but the purportedly published articles by the fake website (https://unijisedu.com/index.php/ijis) have not and will NEVER be indexed in Scopus.
  2. Scimago (which usually gets its data from Scopus), in its 2024 release of journal rankings, provided our website as the legitimate website and included the Editor-in-Chief's email address. See this link https://www.scimagojr.com/journalsearch.php?q=21101171778&tip=sid&clean=0
  3. The fake website (https://unijisedu.com/index.php/ijis) listed “Prof Dept of MC” as the journal's Editor-in-Chief. This is obviously not an individual's name. At best, it is an abbreviation for the Department of Mass Communication.
  4. They have also tried to link their website illegitimately to the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) Portal, but they also did it wrongly. For example, the ISSN link https://portal.issn.org/resource/ISSN-L/2735-9891, which is provided, only takes you to the ISSN portal, and there is nowhere on the ISSN portal that directs the reader to the illegitimate website. However, if you click this link, https://portal.issn.org/api/search?search[]=MUST=default=Ianna+Journal+of+Interdisciplinary+Studies&search_id=34704987 , our journal URL is provided, and when you click on it, it takes you to our website. 
  5. Our journal is open-access, but the content on the website is closed.
  6. We have not published articles outside of Nigeria, but the website contains articles purportedly coming from authors from other countries. We will only start publishing articles outside Nigeria in Volume 6 No 2
  7. Articles published on the website do not contain the authors' details, such as the corresponding author's email address and institutional affiliations of contributing authors.
  8. They only listed the names of fake Editorial Board members without designations.


NOTE: IJIS cannot be judged based on the website's activities because it is an illegitimate venue. The Internet is a free space, so we have no control over what people do with it. We encourage authors to stay away from the website, as it is fake. We assure our readers and authors that we will continue to work hard to identify fake websites that want to use our name to make money from the public because it is indexed in Scopus.

Dr Gever Verlumun Celestine

Editor-in-Chief, Ianna Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

Website: https://iannajournalofinterdisciplinarystudies.com/index.php/1/about