Pan – Africanism and the rising ethnic distrust in Nigeria

An assessment


  • Ngozika Anthonia Obi-Ani
  • Paul Obi-Ani


Pan-Africanism, ethnic distrust, Nigeria, colonialism


Background: Pan - Africanism entails the oneness of peoples of African descent both within the continent and in the diaspora.  This envisages support of peoples of African descent for one another in times of difficulties whether political, economic or social.  This love for one another is supposed to be deep-rooted but since the exit of the colonial overlords in the 1960s, Africans have turned their swords on one another.   

Objectives: The aim of this paper was to understand the current level of the spirit of  Pan-Africanism among Nigerians. The study also sought to examine  if the flame of Pan-Africanism has withered with the attainment of independence.   

Methodology: This study made use of secondary  materials such as books, published journal articles, newspapers and magazines. 

Result:  The result of the study showed that there is currently a decline in the spirit of Pan Africanism. Rather, most Nigerians interpret national issues within the context of religious and ethnic affiliations.    

Conclusion: The spirit of Pan Africanism has gradually paved the way for ethnic and religious divide in Nigeria. Most Nigerians do not hold oneness of the country sacred.

Unique contribution: This study has highlighted the current situation of unity in Nigeria. This information will be useful for policy formulation and implementation vis-à-vis national unity. 

Recommendation: Further studies should explore ways of promoting national unity in Nigeria.  




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