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Ianna Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies (IJIS) is an open-access publication from the Department of Mass Communication, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.  Dr Gever Verlumun Celestine founded the journal in 2019. It publishes peer-reviewed, original research and reviews articles in an interactive, open-access format.  Also, beginning June 2023, there will be an article processing charge of £500 for accepted manuscripts. There is no submission fee. APC is the journals’ only source of revenue. IJIS does not accept paid advertisements on its website. Beginning from Volume 6 No. 2, IJIS will become an international journal. Ianna Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies focuses on three areas, namely communication, psychology and sociology. In the area of communication, the journal covers media and journalism, advertising, public relations,  digital technologies, interpersonal communication, and communication broadly. In the area of psychology, the journal covers both basic and applied psychology. IJIS is interested in basic psychology areas like perception, emotion, learning memory, sensation and motivation. In applied psychology, we are interested in real-world issues, such as clinical psychology, industrial-organisational psychology, educational psychology, and forensic psychology. In sociology, our interest is in human relations and their behaviour. We are interested in the functioning of society, social change, social groups, institutions and their functioning. We are equally interested in cultural normal and social structures. Our interest in sociology also covers social stratification and social inequality, culture and social interaction, deviance and social control, medical sociology, social movements, social and financial institutions, the family, the economy, politics,  religion and education.



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Office No 130, Block A Faculty of Arts Building, University of Nigeria, 410101 Nsukka.

Email: journal.masscomm@unn.edu.ng

Publication Frequency

The journal was previously published annually. However, beginning in 2024, it will be published twice a year. For 2024, the journal's issues will be published in June and August. From 2025 onward, the journal will be published in January and June. The tradition of publishing supplementary articles for issues ended in 2023. Authors are encouraged to bear in mind our publication schedules when revising manuscripts or checking galley proofs. If an article misses a particular issue, the author (s) must wait for the next issue.


Current Issue

Vol. 6 No. 1 (2024): Regular issue

NOTE: This issue contains only six articles, and there are no plans to add or publish supplementary articles. Avoid this illegitimate website: https://unijisedu.com/index.php/ijis. It usually takes the articles we have published, places them on its website, and then adds its own articles. We do not have control over the Internet, but we will continue to create awareness of this fraud. Bear in mind that only articles on our website will be indexed in Scopus and DOAJ. 

Published: 2024-03-31
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