New technologies and the entertainment industry: Dichotomy of Supernatural and Predestination in the Narratives of Nollywood Movies


  • Joe Odedina


Culture, Framing, Ideological, Predestination and Supernatural


Background: The importance of genre creativity in the context of cinematic experience cannot be overstressed. This is because whoever controls content dominates audience’s mind. Until recently, Africa appeared as landscapes and props for Western filmmakers in ways that are unsavoury and undignified. However, Nollywood’s current popularity in world entertainment is helping Nigerian filmmakers to correct some negative stereotypical narratives.

Objective: The goal of this study was to appraise how Nollywood filmmakers combined the seeming polarity of supernatural and predestination themes in their narratives to create a unique genre that is complex and topical.

Methodology: The study adopted ideological analysis method to interrogate three Nollywood films with narrative themes of supernatural and predestination. It focused on content review of films that use charms to gain advantage from the production of the three main ethnic groups of Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba as proxies for the larger Nigeria communities.


Results: It was found that many Nollywood films laid emphasis on supernatural and predestination as modes for defining the African cultural heritage. It also found that some filmmakers have been successful in their use of supernatural and predestination as a source of conflict materials.

Conclusion: It therefore, concludes that the importance placed on the theme of predestination and supernatural by Nollywood filmmakers is justifiable and helpful in proffering solution to some negative parodies of African people.

Unique Contribution: This study has proven that by using supernatural and predestination themes in their narratives, Nollywood have reduce negative stereotype portrayal of Africans through creation of multi-dimensional characters with African cultural values that is universally popular.

Recommendation:The study recommends Nollywood filmmakers exploit African cultural heritage for conflict materials in their bid to create more successful content narratives. This would enable Africans correct some of the distortions in its stories.





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