Regionalizing security and decentralizing Nigeria’s security architecture: What is the position of the media?


  • Okaiyeto, Simon Ayodele


Background: The debate on decentralization of Nigeria’s internal security architecture is not a recent one and the clamour for state and community policing have not died down either. However, the recent twist in this debate is the introduction of “regional security outfits” -which intensify the arguments. Media, the vanguard of the society has been partly blamed for fanning the embers of regionalism in the country and the escalating of insecurity.

Objective: Investigates the position of media amidst the debates on community policing, state policy and regional security network for efficient security of the country

Methodology: Data were sourced through interviews with media scholars and professionals who have wealth of experience on the arguments on regional security, state police, community policing and the alternative solution to myriad of insecurity challenges bedevilling the nation; fashioning the role media should playin providing solutions. The data were analysed thematically.

Results: The study found that through correlation and surveillance roles, media provide a robust platform for cross-fertilization of ideas on solutions to looming insecurity challenges facing the entire nation. Media is expected to serve as unbiased umpire in the debates for community and state policing as a form of decentralization of the security architecture which the various regions of the country wants to achieve through the creation of “regional security outfits” - “Amotekun” in Southwest; “ShegeKaFasa” in the North; “AbubeAgu” in the Southeast; “BRACED” in the Southsouth and similar moves in the North central. The fear is that if these issues are not managed properly, regionalism will create more security challenges as done in the past than solving it.

Unique Contribution: The study provides the position of media regarding insecurity amidst the debate for community policing, state police and regional security for the effective security of Nigeria.

Key Recommendation:At this period of serious insecurity in the land, all stakeholders and media inclusive is expected to promote ideas that will ensure full security of the country.




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